Terry Fowler

Daily Archives: February 1, 2004

Wisdom From Beyond the Meadow

“Those who are agriculturalists, humans who live by remodeling the land, are the peoples whose story is some version of Genesis. We live outside any one garden that can meet our needs and growing population, so we must roam the earth looking to create or re-create some place that will provide a more or less adequate source of food and security. We are doomed to defend this place against enemies of all kinds: we know that just as we have conquered, others can displace us. This mixture of agriculture and warfare is a system within which farms and town and nation-states and colonial expansion have an inner and shared coherence. The world view and daily preoccupations of the peasant farmer and the twenty-first century executive have much in common.”
Hugh Brody, The Other Side of Eden, page 89.

If Hugh Brody is lumping so many people together, who is left? The hunter-gatherers, he argues. Today’s hunter-gatherers, in fact, are not relics of the Stone Age, but contemporaries who have evolved along with the agriculturalists (assuming we have!)
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