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Daily Archives: November 14, 2011

The Political System of Health Care

Our current health care system is seen to be in crisis, mainly because no one seems to be able to able to afford it.  Lack of affordability is the symptom, not the cause of the crisis.  Nevertheless, we continue to … Continue reading

City Environmental Policy: Connecting the Dots

In the previous chapter, national and international issues in environmental policy, especially as they relate to cities, were outlined by Trevor Price. Our purpose is to link these issues to the ground level, to particular cities and places. Abstract principles notwithstanding, whether or not we fit gracefully into the biosphere is still expressed and often determined locally, even personally. Continue reading

Transportation Policy in Canadian Cities

Sometimes, when I am out in the city very early in the morning or very late at night, I wonder about the others who are up at that time as well. “Where are you all going at this ungodly hour?” I ask them rhetorically and somewhat indignantly, since I expected to have the streets to myself. One could ask the same question at rush hour, I suppose, but then the answer would be more predictable and prosaic. But just as meaningful. Continue reading

The Politics and Science of Food

One of my favorite signs on the highway to university in the 1960s was Tank and Tummy, an attempt to get drivers to fill up on food and gas at the same time. In truth, many of our meals are … Continue reading

Kyoto and Sprawl: A Conference That Made a Difference

Urban sprawl is so much a part of our lives that almost no one notices it any more. It is like the air we breathe. Unfortunately, it also poisons that air, killing 1800 of us every year in the GTA … Continue reading

From Empire to Earth Community: David Korten’s Vision

“We humans,” writes David Korten, “live by the stories that define our origins and our nature.” In his book, The Great Turning, he suggests that we are locked into a his-story that speaks of the inevitability, and the naturalness, of … Continue reading

The Trouble With High Rises

At a time when we are trying to make cities more compact and therefore more environmentally friendly, residential high rises appear to be a grand way to increase urban density. In the Greater Toronto Area, where I live, they are … Continue reading