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A Gift from Daddy

Jerry was not looking forward to Christmas. He’d been living on the street for six months now, and his ex-wife Marilyn didn’t like it much when he knocked on the door to have a visit with Sarah, their eight-year-old daughter. … Continue reading

Well-aged Pepper Plants, Arugula, and a Greenhouse

A letter to the editor of Rural Delivery, one of my favourite magazines, described the writer’s experience with growing green peppers in Goose Bay, Labrador. She had a pepper plant in a south-facing window. In the summer and fall, this … Continue reading

Medical Dead Ends Versus Ayurvedic Possibilities

In April 2010 I became gravely ill with prostate cancer, which had spread to my backbone and ribs. Radiation therapy and steroids shrank the tumours and hormone therapy reduced my testosterone so that, for a while, the cancer couldn’t feed … Continue reading

Plant Migration

When we first moved into our house in downtown Toronto over 40 years ago, the back yard contained a garage 24 feet square and in the northwest corner a parking space covered with gravel. An elm near the north fence … Continue reading

Collective Stupidity

How did we evolve? More generally, how did evolution happen? The standard explanation was that genes periodically made a mistake in reproducing themselves. Every once in a while there was a “random mutation” and the new version of an organism … Continue reading

Maria and Rocco

It’s a beautiful sunny morning and I come out the side door with a basket of wet laundry to hang up. Maria, my Italian neighbour, is outside, quickly taking her clothes off the line, even though they’re still wet. “Why … Continue reading

Telling Stories

I have been singing with my grandchildren’s school classes ever since the oldest was in Junior Kindergarten – over ten years now. No matter how much fun we’re having with the songs, even sixth graders gets a bit restless after … Continue reading

Cities, Culture, and Granite

(Toronto: Guernica, 2004) Among those who read and liked Building Cities That Work was Patrice Dutil, who during the 1990s created and became the first editor of the Literary Review of Canada. He approached me to write a review article … Continue reading

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Urban Policy Issues: Canadian Perspectives, 2nd Edition

(Toronto: Oxford University Press, 2001) (edited with David Siegel) My courses on local government and on urban studies at Glendon College as well as my active involvement in local planning issues were part of my motive to ask David Siegel … Continue reading

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Rites of Way: The Politics of Transportation in Boston and the US City

(Boston: Little Brown, 1971) (with A. Lupo and F. Colcord) This book grew out of a case study of inner city expressway politics in the late 1960s. Community groups partnered with advocate planners and other sympathetic professionals to stop an … Continue reading

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