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Monthly Archives: January 2012

Don’t Let Them Define the Issues For You

Don’t let anyone else tell you what the important issues are. Exercising your democratic rights means defining problems for yourself – public ones as well as your own (they are connected!) Before I go any further, I want to stress … Continue reading

The Food Revolution: Don’t Lose the Focus

Food has become a hot topic. There is a even a food “movement.” And there is decidedly a chi-chi side to this movement: outrageously expensive olive oil, upscale farmers’ markets, and “artisanal” cheeses. Moreover, like every movement, it has its … Continue reading

No One Is Present

A young man across from me was eating his takeout supper on the subway the other day, stuffing it down. Now and then food fell off the fork. Well, there’s all kinds of people. Then, a couple of days later, … Continue reading