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Take Winter

Take winter, sleep, hot soup off a cold sidewalk. The streets of Toronto Are waiting for the lukewarm embrace Of threadbare fleece jackets. Find winter, find it in the barren concrete cracks, of frost sucked into cement. Dream into the … Continue reading

Is Hospital Food Really Food?

Unpalatable. Inedible. Revolting. Hospital food, how do I hate thee? Let me count the ways…. Ten days in the hospital, and I have ceased to doubt there are limits to how bad institutional cooking can be. Hospital food can kill … Continue reading

Urban Renewal in Bucharest and Wildflowers in Transylvania

My wife and I travelled to Romania last month for a reunion with friends with whom I canoed down the Danube River in 1964. We arrived in Bucharest on a Saturday afternoon, and our friend Dan Dimancescu drove us into … Continue reading

Singing Lessons

Alexa, my singing teacher, smiles sweetly. “Now,” she says, “I want you to make a really ugly, nasal sound. Like this.” And she demonstrates, “Annnh.” “Annnh,” I venture. “No, that’s far too pretty. Make it so you’ll send people running … Continue reading

Elizabeth May’s First Term as a Green MP

Elizabeth May became Canada’s first Green member of Parliament, for Saanich-Gulf Islands in British Columbia, in the federal elections of May 2011. Even though she had been elected leader of the Green Party of Canada (GPC) in 2006, the party … Continue reading

Marge’s Life Drawing Class

We have a wonderful friend, Marge, who is now in her nineties. At the age of 65, when she went to York University to get a degree in Fine Art, she was a little intimidated by the whole scene. But … Continue reading

We are the Soil: Farmacology, by Daphne Miller

Many of us who farm or garden are aware of the intimate connection between healthy soil, healthy food, and healthy humans. The genius of this book lies in how Dr. Daphne Miller really digs into this connection, so to speak. … Continue reading

A Lesson for Toronto

Let’s shift our fascination with the details of Mayor Rob Ford’s train wreck to a consideration of how he got here. How could our system of selecting leaders choose someone like Rob Ford as mayor? The field of mayoral candidates … Continue reading

Murals: Art, Politics, and Community

Imagine walking through a city district where the walls, garage doors, electrical service boxes, even telephone poles – every available space – have painted murals, or carefully coloured and designed graffiti, or poetry with political messages. This is the Mission … Continue reading

Doin’ Nothin’

My mother had a friend, Hannah, who was an accomplished gardener. Hannah used to show her garden to my sister and me when we visited her house. “I let nature take its course,” she used to tell us with a … Continue reading