Terry Fowler

We are the Soil: Farmacology, by Daphne Miller

Many of us who farm or garden are aware of the intimate connection between healthy soil, healthy food, and healthy humans. The genius of this book lies in how Dr. Daphne Miller really digs into this connection, so to speak. … Continue reading

Authoritarian Science and the Sickness Industry

Our medical system is a leading cause of death. Analysis of 994 hospitals in the US by the Nutrition Institute of America showed that there were 783,936 deaths caused by medical drugs, surgery, or wrong medical procedures in 2001. Over the same period, there were 699,697 deaths caused by heart disease and 553,251 deaths from cancer. (The Ecologist, 2004) 36% of hospital admissions are due to a previous medical treatment. (Weed, 1989) Continue reading