Terry Fowler

Collective Stupidity

How did we evolve? More generally, how did evolution happen? The standard explanation was that genes periodically made a mistake in reproducing themselves. Every once in a while there was a “random mutation” and the new version of an organism … Continue reading

Heritage in the ‘Burbs: How to Make Suburbs a Lasting Legacy

Imagine walking down a street of a suburban subdivision built in 2000, somewhere on the outskirts of Calgary, Vancouver or Toronto. Only now it’s 2020. To your right is one of the single family homes that survived a phys- ical transformation initiated in 2007, when it became clear that surviving the oil crisis required neighbourhood inten- sification. In his home, a retired minister sells polished and drilled semiprecious stones – amethysts, agates and tour- malines – out of a living room he has transformed into a showroom. His workshop is in the basement. Continue reading