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Termites, Politics, and Biology

Modern biology is discovering that microscopic cells communicate with each other and self-organize in astonishingly intelligent ways. They are not directed from above but cooperate locally and spontaneously to meet constant challenges to the integrity of the organism, at both … Continue reading

Collective Stupidity

How did we evolve? More generally, how did evolution happen? The standard explanation was that genes periodically made a mistake in reproducing themselves. Every once in a while there was a “random mutation” and the new version of an organism … Continue reading

City Environmental Policy: Connecting the Dots

In the previous chapter, national and international issues in environmental policy, especially as they relate to cities, were outlined by Trevor Price. Our purpose is to link these issues to the ground level, to particular cities and places. Abstract principles notwithstanding, whether or not we fit gracefully into the biosphere is still expressed and often determined locally, even personally. Continue reading